LORIMER | ロリマー
  • 日本語

  • LORIMER is a creative studio specializing in video production, photography, and visual content creation, encompassing various aspects of digital content.
    Additionally, we provide services for the production of printed materials such as catalogs and posters.

    With a diverse team of professionals, including art directors, photographers, videographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and models, LORIMER offers comprehensive management of creative projects.
    Our in-house studio allows us to create more appealing images tailored to various marketing strategies.

    Furthermore, our strong network of partner creators enables collaboration on a project basis, making it possible to consult on a wide range of visual communication needs, including PR, branding, advertising, video production, and various photography services.

    LORIMER Co. Ltd.

    5-23-13 Daizawa
    Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 155-0032
    TEL: 080-3580-9484
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